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Chestnut Akhal-Teke stallion


15.3hh approx     10 years old

This tremendously tough horse has been brought out of Central Asia, having survived conditions of famine there which would have killed many less tenacious horses - and did kill literally hundreds.

Atamekan raced at the Ashkhabad Hippodrome for five full seasons, and at two and three years was classed as a "Grade I" horse under the Soviet grading system applied to all Akhal-Tekes in the former USSR.

He subsequently carried out a long-distance ride on the Silk Road route from Nisa to Merv, covering between five and six hundred kilometres unshod, and with little food other than grass.

On the Road to Merv

He has a big jump, beautiful paces, a wonderfully gentle, affectionate temperament - and an iron-hard physique. He comes of a breed which, although barely represented in Europe, has nevertheless produced an Olympic Gold Medalist in dressage and a Grade A showjumper, but which above all has been famed throughout its long history for feats of endurance - the ultimate all-round sporting horse.


Atamekan has the potential to sire top-class horses in every field - eventing, dressage or showing; and, most of all, endurance horses.


Stud fee for this season: 200 (no foal, no fee)

Enquiries: Gill Suttle  Tel/fax 01600 890730

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