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Pembridge for Performance 

Pembridge Melody Pembridge Endeavour Pembridge Jago Pembridge Vitality Pembridge Rocket
Pembridge Dym Saharan Pembridge Jalisco PembridgeVicon Pembridge Vital Pembridge Callista
Pembridge Musician Pembridge Jamilia Pembridge Victor Pembridge Mischevious Pembridge Veillie
Pembridge Vitality Pembridge jessica Pembridger Canatata Pembridge Vanquish Pembridge Virtue
  Pembridge Shazam Pembridge Saraband PembridgeVital  


this page is under construction as we are awaiting photos, so watch this space!

A few of the Cleveland partbreds from the stud

Pembridge Minstrel.jpgPembridge Minstrel FEI Sire Minstrel Star Dam Pembridge Amethyst One of the leading BHD ranked eventing stallion. He heads the under 10 rankings and is well up the senior list. Bred at the stud ,he was sold as a 3y/o to his current owner Rob Lumb. He was broken and brought on here for Rob until he was a 5 y/o and then moved to Margaret Spencer's yard at Neach Hill to event. His success from there with his then rider Ian Wills is legendary.He continues his eventing career with Neil fox, and currently has 340 BE points


Pembridge Music Master.jpgPembridge Music Master Sire Stunner Rascal Dam Time Will Tell Young Event Stallion. Sold as a 2y/o Master has had a chequered career to date. Now bought back by the Stud, he  joined Pembridge Minstrel at Neach Hill where he has established a partnership with Ian Wills. Master ceased eventing when Ian Wills moved on..He has now found his niche as a dressage horse with his talented young rider Amy Blendel.He came 9th in the young event sire rankings with the BHD,having started eventing in the second half of 2000.He had a great future as an eventer.He has an equally good future as a dressage horse and we watch his new career develop

Pembridge Jack The Nipper Sire Tynedale St Julian Dam Welton Ambassadress.Pembridge Jack The Nipper.jpgJack has 'done it all' with his owner. Aff.Riding Club, Eventing 2000, Aff SJ, Hunter trials and Hunting. A big upstanding talented horse he has now been sold to a competition rider to showjump/dressage, as his last owner is now concentrating on Pembridge Welcome by Waldlord.




Pembridge Juliett.jpgPembridge Juliett Sire Tynedale St Julian Dam Pembridge Katie Juliett retained as a broodmare in her early years, still completed here education at the same time. She has hunted with the Pychley,horse trialed showjumped and dressaged. At rising nine she has been sold as  Showjumper/eventer in training with her new owner with Bina Ford. In a few short weeks she has been out there and in the frame in working hunter classes while her owner gets to know her. They have a good partnership already and Julie has her sights set on campaigning her this autumn.



Pembridge Julietta.jpgPembridge Julietta(Pembridge Endeavour) Sire Minstrel Star Dam Pembridge Juliett (above)After breeding her replacement Pembridge Jalisco,Julietta has proved to be an extremely talented eventer Julietta is the third  generation of Pembridge breeding and is by the pivotal stallion Minstrel Star.Endewavour quickly progressed to Intermediate and then had a career change as she tragically broke her pelvis in the field. Now sound she has been bred from and her foals will be retained. Endeavour will return to eventing next year.




Pembridge Jallisco.jpgpembridge Jallisco daughter of Pembridge Endeavour now being prepared to event in 2005.This lovely young mare has all the attributes to follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother. A future star and another quality partbred CB performance horse.Now a successsful competition horse with Juliette her owner rider.




Pembridge Jamilia.jpgPembridge Jamilia CB/Akelteke 2002 filly. 

Sire Atemekaan Dam Pembridge Jewels

One of our partbred stores,Jamilia was bred to event aimed at the highest level. The endurance of the Cb coupled with the speed and endurance of the Akelteke., producing a tough talented eventer.Now starting her competition career with her owner rider

Pembridge Jamilia




Pembridge Rocket.jpg Pembridge Rocket 200 colt, now lic CBHS as a stallion. Rocket has been sold to  Lisa Whittaker  he will commence his showjumping career in 2006, having graded with the BSJA in October 2005.Rocket is also competing in other disciplines to broaden his experience and realise his talents




Pembridge Victor.jpgPembridge Victor Sire Shipley Diamond Daam Pembridge Verity PBCB

Victor has started his competition career in 2004 including eventing showjumping and dressage, in preparation for his eventing career in 2005. A Star for the future. Ridden by Eric Wooley,who rcommende that he would be an outstanding showjumper, as he hated touching a pole. He moved t Cirrinf Collins and has never looked back. He went from Grade C to A in a matter of weeks in Europe in the spring.  Victor once more flies the flag for the Cleveland Bays.


Pembridge Vicon.jpgPembridge Vicon 2002 colt now licenced.

Sire Pembridge Midshipman Pr CB  Dam Pembridge Verity PBCB

This graceful colt is actually 62% CB now rising 4 he will continue with his stud duties until he can start his competition careerin 2006, when he will commence showjumping



Pembridge Musician PBCB 2001

Sire Pembridge Minstrel FEI PBCB

Dam  Welton Independent

This quality gelding is from the early crop of Pembridge Minstrels foals. rising four in 2005 he will be brought on slowly through the disciplines pre his eventing career.He will start eventing in 2006 with Christine Harding His full sister Pembridge Melody, 2003 is also being stored as a future eventer.


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