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Cholderton Yobi.jpg


Cholderton Yobi 16.3CB Sire Midshipman Dam Cholderton Plentiful.Yobi bred as Midshipman's replacement is a credit to his Sire. He has the quality size and substance that retains everything that the Cleveland stands for. He has a huge scopy jump and elevated paces and will go far in the competition world in his own right as a flagship for the breed.



Pembridge Jewel.jpg

Pembridge Jewels (prem)The studs current foundation mare, Sire Tynedale St Julian Dam Ramblers Empress. We could ask no more of Jewels, since the start of her breeding career, she has bred consistently. Her first  son  Pembridge Midshipman, was Midshipman (senior) last foal at the stud and is now a licenced Premium Stallion .She has bred then three fillies in a row, all registered pure breds . Her next foal to Shipley Diamond TB, Pembridge Rocket is a quality part bred colt, now a licenced stallion,with the Whitakers.In 1902Jules had a filly, by Atamekhan the Akhel-teke stallion Pembridge Jamilia is retained by the stud to event. In 1904 Jules has once more bred a purebred CB colt by Cholderton Yobi  Pembridge Justinian had been sold to a CB breeder as a future stallion. Jules is once more in foal to Yobi for 2005.


Pembridge Victor.jpg

After breeding 4 pures Jules then had Pembridge Victor Victor has just started his eventing career with Ian Wills, who was so successful with Pembridge Minstrel Her next foal  was a part-bred filly by the Akelteke  Stallion Atamekaan,

Pembridge Jamilia,(2001) (below) is being stored to event.


  Pembridge Jamilia.jpg

Jamilia is herself a dam having foaled this time to Pembridge Vicon. When Pembridge Jessica is weaned Jamilia will start her ridden career.

Pembridge Jessica and Pembridge Jamilia.jpg











Pembridge Midshipman.jpg Pembridge Midshipman 16.3 Premium CB

Sire Midshipman  Dam Pembridge Jewels Pembridge Midshipman is another outstanding example of Midshipman's ability as a sire who stamps his stock, but is also, via his dam the result of introducing the pivotal April Love line into the breeding programme. He jumps for fun and will be pursuing a showjumping/eventing career, to prove that the athletic Cleveland Bay can hold their own in open competition when produced in the right way.



Pembridge Juniper.jpg

Pembridge Juniper Littlebeck Cavaliers last filly retained to keep his genetic bank at the stud. Another quality filly out of Pembridge Jewles.She has been put in foal this time to Cholderton Yobi to start her breeding career.




Pembridge Just J.jpg

Just J Pembridge Jewels third pure bred filly as a two year old.
Now owned by Heather Ketly and  at stud at Cholderton






Pembridge Juniper.jpgPembridge Juno Sire Cholderton Yobi Dam Pembridge Jewles. This quality filly is Yobi's first foal, . She has all the attributes that should be expected in view of her pedigree. She will mature into a quality breeding/competition mare. She has been put to Stunner Rascal this time as we have no purebred CB stallion other than her father this year. She could well breed another Pembridge Minstrel as her first offering to British breeding. She will start her pure bred breeding career next year as we are hoping to stand Cholderton Whitethorne CB to cover Yobi's fillies.



Pembridge Symphoney.jpgPembridge Symphoney 2000 filly foal  Sire Cholderton Yobi Dam Ramblers Serenade This filly is the epitome of  a quality pure bred foal, her dam Southbrook Serenade, a premium mare has size and substance and has produced many winning foals in the arena, taking many championships. This filly will go far for herself and the breed, both in hand in in later years in competition    



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