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                                                                                     Current for sale list

click on links to view their pages and those of their sires, dams and siblings.


Pembridge Welcome.jpg

'Pembridge Welcome'

15.3hh dark bay mare born 1997. By Pembridge Waldlord out of Welton Independent by Welton Ambassador. 32 BE points. Saintly temperament and perfect manners. Safe for any rider, excellent in traffic, box, shoe, clip etc. She is resting at present and will come back into work in December. A marvellous prospect for an ambitious rider.  Tel. 01600 750624sold

Pembridge Keigan 16 hands and growing!  3 y/o PBCB Gelding

Sire Pembridge Soloman Grade A Dam Pembridge Endeavour FEI Int Eventer

Backed and turned away Ready to take on in preparation for his four year old classes in the spring. Bred to event from proven lines Keigan is talented calm and brave

Pembridge Votility  3 year old filly (2008)  Will be broken this autumn ready for the spring.

Sire Shipley Diamond Dam Pembridge Verity

Votility is the last foal from Shipley Diamond who sired so many good competition horses at the stud.

Many of these foals were by one of our foundation mares Pembridge Verity.

Verity is the dam of innumerable high level horses competing in eventing and showjumping.

Pembridge Endymion 2010 filly

Dam Pembridge Endeavour FEI Int Eventer Sire Cholderton Yobi Prem CB

Bred from proven eventing lines via her dam and via her sires athletic ability.

Pembridge Frederic

yearling colt to make 16h + a polish warmblood of size and substance and 3 good paces. We are leaving him to grow and mature to consider whether to retain him as a stallion to use in the breeding program

Pembridge Gemini

2009 PBCB gelding

Dam Pembridge Jewel CB Sire Minstrel Style  ex Stunner Rascal

Bred to event but will need time to come into his frame as he is going to be very tall. Will be backed and turned away.

Pembridge Justice Pure bred CB yearling colt.

Another brother to Justinian  and Joshua!

Pembridge Jewel their dam has been an outstanding mare She has bred 12 foals including 5 fillies and 4 pure colts 3 who have matured into Licensed stallions so Justice has a lot to look up to!

In addition to her pure bred stock Jewel is the Dam of Pembridge Rocket CB x TB a licensed stallion as well as the dam of Pembridge Jamilia CB x Akhelteke.

Justice needs time to mature but he is already seemingly following his half brother Pembridge Midshipman as he has three good paces and a natural jump

Pembridge Miss Style TB 2011 tb filly

Dam Winter Ilex Sire Minstrel Stlye

Miss Style is anhalf sister to Pembridge Stunner and Pembridge Gamble.

Fully papered with Weatherbys.

Pembridge Mr Style

 Yearling colt

Sire Minstrel Style TB Dam Pembridge Missy IDxTB


Mr Style is a half brother to Pembridge Waldo eventing so successfully with Matt Ryan

Pembridge Sabrina yearling filly

Dam Pembridge Selina ex stunner rascal Sire Pembridge Vicon PBCB

Pembridge Jessica 2005 filly.Sire Pembridge Vicon Dam Pembridge Jamilia ex Atemekan Jessica is also fromthe first crop of Vicons foals and is a key filly in that she is the daughter of Pembridge Jamilia. Jamialia is a sibling to many succesful compeition horses out of Pembridge Jewel, including Pembridge Midshipman and Pembridge Rocket competing stallions . Jamilia has started in the competition world first season with her new owner and Jessica has inherited all the talent from her Sire and Dam

A competition home is sought for this lovely filly, with talent to burn.





Pembridge Sherazad 2009 filly


own sister to Sabrina

Sire Pembridge Vicon PBCB Dam Pembridge Selina  ex stunner rascal


Pembridge Waldorf 2011 colt

Sire Pembridge Waldo Dam  Pembridge Verity PBCB

Waldorf is the first foal by Pembridge Waldo who is eventing successfully with Matt Ryan

Pembridge Rocket

Sire Shipley Diamond (Sire of Pembridge Victor FEI)

Dam Pembridge Jewell

7yr old Licensed Stallion Graded BSJA 2005 Eligible for grading AES/SHB


2008  TB colt foal by Pembridge Samson out of Winter Ilex

Own brother to Pembridge Stunner, half brother to Pembridge Jasper

Bred from proven Sire and Dam, to event Full weatherbys passport and so also eligible to race.


Pembridge Vanquish 2007 colt

Sire Cholderton Yobi

Dam Pembridge Verity

Half brother to Pembridge Victor FEI Pembridge Vital Pembridge Vicon, Pembridge Vaguely Hendre Pembridge Vitality Pembridge Virtue Pembridge Veillie

This very correct colt has inherited the looks ability and talent of his Sire Dam and siblings. He has uphill free moving paces and tremendous jumping scope.



Pembridge Veillie 2006 filly

Sire Pembridge Midshipman

Dam Pembridge Verity

This talented filly is a half sister to

Pembridge Victor FEI Pembridge Vital Pembridge Virtue Pembridge Vicon Pembridge Vanquis, Pembridge Vitality and Pembridge Vaguely Hendre and Pembridge Vanquis.

Correct conformation, elevated freeflowing paces and tremendous jumping scope.



Pembridge Cantata  2005 filly

Sire Pembridge Vicon Dam Pembridge Callista Ex Cholderton Yobi This well handled 3 yearold is from the first crop of Pembridge Vicons foals. Cantata has inherited the ability of her Sire and Dam and will be produced for a career in eventing.A compeition home is sought for her where her talents will be realised.SOLD

Pembridge Mischevious 2003 filly

Partbred WC/CB

Sire Cholderton Yobi Dam Pembridge Clover

This powerfully built 2003 filly has inherited all the attributes of her sire and dam

Mischevious would excell as a working hunter/eventer and is currently being brought on to compete in eventing later in 2008SOLD


Pembridge Clover

Pembridge Clover Sire Pembridge Mischief Dam Tina

148 cm 10 year old dk bay mare.Welsh D/TB qualified PC Novice Challenge Cheshire 05 placed in all PC Opens and completed Sansaw Champs 06 Consistent prenovice and aimed at JRN's this time as rider too old for Pony Trails. Suitable for a novice or experienced rider Totally reliable schoolmistress


Pembridge Karina

    Sire Stunner Rascal TB Dam Pembridge Copycat

Stunners Story        Pembridge Karina

Go to her home page for further information and other photos

Pembridge Karina (joe) 9 year old dark bay mare Retained as brood mare to conserve her lines.Having produced some talented offspring of which we have retained a fillyJoe is now ready to go showjumping in her own right.Talent to burn as a jumper she has inherited the scope of her sire.Good to hack out alone or in company Good to catch load shoe and clip. Sweet natured with sunny disposition. Ready to affiliate With Lisa Whitaker in Goole.


Pembridge Vitality 2004 filly 

Sire Waldlord Hann Dam Pembridge Verity

a quality filly with movement and presence a half sister to Pembridge Waldo and Pembridge Wanda


Pembridge Gamble 2003 colt

Sire Pembridge Samson GSB Dam Winter Ilex GSB

A syndicate is sought for this talented horse  to go point to point/ National   Hunt or Event,




Pembridge Jalisco.jpg

Pembridge Jalisco  15.2hh 1999 filly Sire Shipley Diamond GSB Dam Pembridge Endeavour Int Eventer Jalisco is a successful

WHP/showjumper/team pony

produced to event Jalisco is ready to start her career in 2006 SOLD

Pembridge Jago.jpg

Pembridge Jago 2001 filly

Sire Stunner Rascal Dam Pembridge Juniper The last of stunners fillies. photo at 2.This quality partbred CB is out of a daughter of Pembridge Jewel.We have given her time to mature.Jago was bred to follow Pembridge Minstrel FEI and pursue an eventing career.SOLD

Pembridge Sonata.jpg

Pembridge Sonata 2000 filly

Sire Shipley Diamond Dam Pembridge Missy Ready to start competing 2005. Sonata was bred to event from proven lines. Her dam Pembridge Missy is an own sister to Fantastic Mr Fox Adv.

Sonata is a half sister to Pembridge Mayhill   Pembridge Harley Pembridge Waldo and Pembridge Wanda


Pembridge Zantia

Pembridge Zantia 2001 filly, from stunner rascals last crop TB x PBWC

This very correct mare won her class at Pembrokeshire County as a two year old her only show. has all the attributes to make a top Jumper/eventer                              Due to the loss of her sire we retained her to breed from and now she has been backed and ridden on ready to be brought on for a jumping career. 

Available now to bring on for 2007.

Pembridge Vicon.jpg

Pembridge Vicon quality 2002 colt Sire Pembridge Midshipman Dam Pembridge Verity inspected and approved for licensing 2005

Bred to jump/event from proven performance lines.

We are looking for a competition home for this colt where he can combine his stud duties with a competition career.


Pembridge Jamilia 2002 filly Sire Atamekaan (Akelteke)Dam Pembridge Jewel Prem CB

Jamilia is a half sister to Pembridge Midshipman (Prem CB stallion)

Pembridge Juno, Pembridge Juniper and Pembridge Just J 3 well known purebred mares, Pembridge Rocket PBCB showjumping stallion and Pembridge Justinian a Lic CB stallion. She also has a2005 purebred half sister Pembridge Jem and a 2006 half brother Pembridge Joshua.SOLD

Pembridge Callista

Pembridge Callista 2002 mare 15hh

Sire Cholderton Yobi Dam Miss Cooper (IDxTB)

Bred to event Callista was put in foal  to Pembridge Vicon, to keep her genetic bank at the stud She had a lovely filly and she now has returned o work and has been produced/and competed/hunted and is ready to event 2007. She has a big brave jump and three good paces. and has now had excellent experience. Ideal teenagers eventer/pony club allrounderSOLD

Pembridge Samarkand      VIDEO

Sire Atamekan(Akelteke)

Dam Pembridge Selena NTR

Sire Stunner Rascal Dam Pembridge Katie

This golden dun filly was purpose bred to event. Having combined the endurance of the akelteke with the speed and stamina of the TB

Pembridge Solstice2004 filly,with her 2007 foal foot Pembridge Serendipity by Shipley Diamond

Sire Shiply Diamond Dam Pembridge Karina Bred to event this lovely filly, the grand daughter of Stunner Rascal TB and Pembridge Copycat

Solstice is being produced by Lisa Whitaker to show jump

Pembridge Dym Sharan


Dam Tina PBWC Sire Pembridge Midshipman CB

Half sister to Pembridge  Trinity (ex Stunner Rascal) and Pembridge Clover Ex Pembridge Mischief

Trinity and Clover are both eventing with young riders.Saharan is very athletic and has uphill paces. and a big bold jump. A lovely kind mare who needs a competant teenager to realise her potential.SOLD

Pembridge Jem   VIDEO Pure bred CB filly 2005Sire Cholderton Yobi Dam Pembridge Jewel own sister to Pembridge Justininan (stallion) Pembridge Just J and Pembridge Juniper.Pembridge Jocelyn and Pembridge Joshua Half sister to Pembridge Midshipman QA stallion,Pembridge Rocket PBCB lic stallion and Pembridge Jamilia.and Pembridge Juno(premium)A competition/breeding home is sought for this  who has so much ridden potential,(three good paces and a powerful jump )where she can fulfil her stud duties while pursuing a competition career.

Pembridge Joshua Video Pure bred Cleveland Bay colt July 2006 Sire Cholderton Yobi Dam Pembridge Jewel own brother to Pembridge Justininan (stallion)Pembridge Jem Pembridge Just J  Pembridge Juniper and Pembridge Jocelyn Half brother to Pembridge Midshipman QA stallion,Pembridge Rocket PBCB lic stallion  Pembridge Jamilia. and Pembridge Juno

A competition home is sought for this colt who has ridden stallion potential, where he can fulfill his stud duties while pursuing a competition career.Available at weaning.


Pembridge Wanda 2002 filly

Pembridge Wanda

SireWaldlord Dam Pembridge Missy


This quality filly with bone and substance will make a top show/working hunter ,or with her floating paces an outstanding dressage prospect Wanda  needs time to mature, as she has tremendous substance





Pembridge Shazam 2006 colt

Sire Cholderton Yobi Dam Pembridge Selena ex Stunner rascal.

This big upstanding colt needs time to mature, as he stands over much ground and will finish above 16.3. He has inherited the scope of his grandsire vi his dam, herself and exceptional jumper and he has the power of his Sire Yobi. Shazam, bred to event, could equally have a career as a dressage horse or a working/show hunter, with his size and substance. a competition home is sought for this talented colt

Pembridge Musician PBCB

a talented young eventer/showjumper and dressage horse by the International Event stallion Pembridge Minstrel FEI out of Welton Independent, the dam of among others Pembridge Swingtime and Pembridge Welcome, both successful eventers,All Independents progeny have excelled in the competition world, particularly eventing.

Musician is ready for a rider to take up the grades, as he has proved consistent in all disciplines and has a good future ahead of him as an eventer.

Sire Pembridge Minstrel

Dam Welton Independent


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