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Pembridge Minstrel 16.2 Bay  ntr bhd

minstrel star averof sing sing
Gallant Bid galivanter
Winning Bid
pembridge amethyst forest superman mulgrave supreme
forest felicity
princess fairfax chapman
gerrick fairy maid

Pembridge Minstrel CB x TB 1992

Sire Minstrel Star TB dam Pembridge Amethyst CB

Advanced Eventer 360 points

When Josie Verkerk and I decided to bring Minstrel Star to England it had been decided to bring him in the autumn of 1991, to settle him ready for the spring. He was standing on a dressage yard in Belgium, covering both race and performance mares. As his lease was due to expire Josie got him released back to her early, as any late mares who turned could be served by AI as all his race mares were in foal.

Minstrel Star therefore came to us at the close of the 1991 season. By then we had got all our home mares in foal, barring Pembridge Amethyst who had re absorbed..

It was decided to cover her with Minstrel Star. We had planned to cover her with him the following year, so it seemed like fate. Of all the Cleveland mares here Amethyst was a real performer. She was a superb Hunter and had proved herself as a showjumper and hunter trial horse  She had been selected for the breeding programme for her ability under saddle.

Minstrel was born 20th June 1992 and proved to be everything that we expected. Minstrel Star had many quality foals born in Europe that season but this one was British Bred by a British Bred Stallion and Mare. The photo is of Minstrel the day he was born with his Dam Pembridge Amethyst (Minstrel at 4 weeks)

We had brought Pembridge Minnie over from Belgium as a yearling, with Minstrel Star. He was a quality colt out of an Epigoon/Amor mare.The plan was to have him as a flagship for his sire to get him started in the UK. With the birth of Minstrel we then had two shinning examples for clients to see.

Minstrel from a foal always had this star quality, He also had what we look for in a potential eventer, that far seeing eye. He was often deep in thought and quite serious as a yearling. Everything he learnt he took seriously as well, not one to be rushed he could be quite exasperating , we often wondered if his insistence, typical of the CB, of a thorough explanation of every step of a new task would continue throughout his life.

Minstrel pictured here as a woolly yearling! He has never lost his look at me even in the depth of winter. He emerged from his yearling year already beginning to show what a future star he could well become. He, despite his deep serious nature always seemed to be the ring leader winding the other colts to a pitch and then innocently saying  'It wasn't me!' Although a year younger, he was particularly friendly with Pembridge Mischief who was very aptly  named!

Minstrel now two and still serious! In the end his sense of adventure got him into difficulties and he injured his off hind fooling in the field. He bears the scar from this episode to this day. We knew then that he was an iron hard colt. He never went lame on it and it healed quickly. Nevertheless we shipped him to a small farm in Wales, as a store where there was less mischief he could get into. He came back in the spring of his three year old year a superb specimen and we started to do his pre work. His natural technique over a jump was immediately apparent. He was no respecter of boundaries. It was impossible to use the jumping lane in the menage because he did not stop at the end!. Having established that he had a fearless scopy jump we left well alone until he was under saddle.

His pre work now well under way we had a call from a good friend who had a good friend (you know how it is!) looking for a good horse. He duly came and the one who caught his eye was Minstrel.Rob Lumb still dines out on it today. 'I knew he was a good horse when he cleared the gate at the end of the school!' Rob bought Minstrel as a personal competition horse for himself. Due to circumstances he was unable to have him on the yard where he worked and so therefore he was left with us to break, and bring on as a working livery. When four, rising five, the time then came for him to start his eventing career and so we recommended that he left us and moved to a yard that could take him forward. Rob had bought him on condition that he stayed on livery here and it was a big decision for him to move him. We are delighted, because what has ensued is the perfect situation for the stallion. We had recommended Margaret Spencer and it is through Margaret and Ian Wills and the input from Rob that the outstanding results have been obtained.

Breeding a good horse is only part of it that horse then has to be brought on in the right way 'til of competing age and then it is the combination of a dedicated team to get a good horse to the top. The breeder, the owner the trainer and the rider all play their part. With Minstrel the team is second to non. All are working together and the results show. Minstrel, just 8 in June is already the leading Eventing sire in the BHD rankings for stallions under 10 as well as figuring high in the senior rankings, He is also lying 5th in the HT rankings as of September 4th,pre his 6th place at Blenheim. Those of us that support him were justifiably proud of him that day               

Already FEI, having represented GB at Breda in June, when he came second, this young stallion has it all before him. He not only flies the flag for the Cleveland Bays He flies the flag for all that is best of British Breeding. His sire and dam were a credit to their respective breeds and were both British bred. In Minstrel they have a wonderful legacy to take British Breeding one step further back up the ladder, where we will once more be in the forefront and lead the world.  Minstrel  will be back out eventing in 2009,having spent a winter with his owner on his new yard                                                               


For stud enquiries via AI for Minstrel contact Robert Lumb 01993830212 or 07710850804

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Photo,copyright Morris Photography