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Pembridge Rascal.jpg



Pembridge Rascal 16. b ay 9"bone Lic AES NTR BHD

Stuyvesant(Ger) Priamos(Ger) Birkhan
Sabera Fast Fox

pembridge Mary V11



Pembridge Rascal Sire Stunner Rascal  TB Dam Pembridge Mary TB

Pembridge Raascal foal.jpgPembridge Rascal was born in 1992 His sire Stunner is well known for his jumping prowess and his dam Pembridge Mary was a successful showjumper. Mary loved jumping so much that she squealed when she jumped a big track! We had bought mary as a schoolmaster for the students from an amateur owner who had found her a bit too sharp for a novice. They had bought her in a sale and knew that she was an ex race mare, but never collected her passport.

As she was freeze branded we tried to trace her through farm key. At the second attempt two former owners replied and we began to piece her life together. In view of the delay in former owners contacting us, by then we had retired Mary and in view of her magnificent jump we put her to Stunner. We had purchased her as a twelve year old.

We discovered that both former owners had tried to put her in foal due to her ability, but had failed. They were surprised that we were successful in her late teens!

Mary loved her foal. We returned her to him after weaning and he grew up in the herd with her until he was a yearling. through the former owners we discovered that her correct age was greater than we had been led to believe and we decided not to risk her. Mary lived out her days with the herd and was peacefully put down at 24.

Ras was always the clown. He has the most wonderful nature and his sense of humour never fails to amuse. For example the photo shows him learning Pembridge Rascal the clown.jpghis arena craft! At two he went away as a store with Pembridge Master.Pembridge Rascal leaving home.jpgThe photo shows him leaving the stud as a two year old. A sad day for us as we knew he would be unlikely to see his dam again,as she was now rising 22. They had such a bond, even when we separated him from the herd Mary knew where he was on the farm and they called to each other. The day he left Mary was heartbroken, she knew. It had been the happiest time of her life after her jumping, being a mother

They joined Pembridge Soloman in Thirsk where Vicky Taylor Denton was competing Soloman and building a new stud. Master and Rascal started their stud careers in Yorkshire and returned here to the stud as six year olds.

Soloman moved to Charly Newlands' in Hertfordshire and we looked for competition riders for the boys.Ras initially went to Theresa Emery,who was trained by Bina Ford. Following a knee injury that side lined Theresa, Bina took the the ride and Ras had arrived! He is renowned for his jump and Bina was extremely successful with him. Bina suggested to Theresa that as she was still out of commission with her injury that Ras was sold on to a young Rider that would take him to the top.

This is where Anna comes into the story. Anna is an extremely successful rider coming off ponies in December. She is still competing Dom until December and then she and Ras are on their way!Dom2.jpg

"Dom was purchased for my older sister Louise, together they had lots of fun. Dom was very much like Ras when he first came to us. He tried us out to see how much he could get away with. He would jump from field to field and even attempted to jump out of his stable, but he quickly learnt that they were not ground rules. Even now though he will just test you when leading him to see he has enough rope to get away!Dom has been a wonderful pony, he is so genuine to ride and will have a go at anything.





 Together we have jumped on the British Pony Event Team, at Ballendeisk, Ireland. We were chosen to to represent England at Cavan earlier this year t Bicton this year we won the South West and Wales Championship. This year so far Dom has won 28 firsts.

Bina suggested we try Rascal. We had tried only one other horse, which was completely different to Ras, big chunky and fairly stuffy. I really liked Ras when I tried him. I felt his jump was really good.. The only worry that I had when buying him was that he had such a knowledgeable rider in Bina, and following the achievements that she had with him would be a very hard task. However we overlooked this worry and went ahead.and bought him, with Bina assuring us that she would always be there for Ras and if I ran into any problems.

We picked up Ras on a cold winters' night and when we arrived home we let him settle into his new home rather than me riding him. The next day I could not wait to get home from school and ride him. I tacked him up and took him into the arena Walk was fine, I pushed him into trot and after a few strides Ras realised that he no longer had Bina on board. He bucked, he bolted he did everything that he could do! This worried me a little as he suddenly seemed very big and very intimidating up against my ponies. However I stuck with him and we both returned to the stables a bath of sweat. I think that day we both learnt valuable lessons; Ras- that I was not going to be much of a pushover, and me that I cannot give in!

In the months that followed we concentrated on flat work. This was mainly because I was still competing ponies for other people as well as my own.

Pembridge Rascal.jpgWhen the nights grew lighter and I had taken my GCSE's we began to do more. We took him to a few shows and got some really good results on him. We won the Novice Derby at Dorset Show, we came second in the Four Counties Grade C in Bicton's main arena and we also had a few other placings.

I never thought that I would be lucky enough to find a good horse to continue all my winning form on ponies, and especially one to stand in the shoes of Dom's Choice. Ras is not there yet, but he is getting better all of the time, and we are building an understanding and relationship between ourselves, and that too is getting stronger. So hopefully now with the end of my juniors in sight, Ras and I can get strong together and really give all those seniors and young riders something to worry about!"Pembridge Rascal.jpg

Since Anns sent us her thoughts on Ras she has had some more successes on him, including winning a 1.10 m members cup, amongst other placings. In a handful of outings Anna has added 192 points to Ras' score and so it augers well for them in the Spring, when Anna leaves ponies behind her. We will be watching their progress and updating the site as the news comes in!.



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