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Pembridge Shazam

2006 colt

Pembridge Shazam 2006 colt for sale

Pembridge Shazam June 2008

Cholderton Yobi Midshipman
Cholderton Plentiful
Pembridge Selina Stunner rascal
Pembridge Katie
This well made colt has inherited all the ability of his grandsire, Stunner Rascal, Shazam is a half Cleveland Bay by the premium  Stunner Rascal stallion grading stoneleighQA stallioin Cholderton Yobi. He was purpose bred to event, and Shazam's bloodlines are proven in competition on both the sire and the dam side..Hoe has the looks of his grand sire and his rangy frame and thus needs time to mature. Standing over a lot of ground he will mature out at approx 16.3.He has the potential to make a first class top level eventer in due course, but also has the paces to make a dressage stallion. With his jump he would also make a showjumper/or working hunter.A competition home is sought for this talented colt where he can realise his potential.



Cholderton Yobi Cleveland Bay stallion

Cholderton Yobi

Pembridge Selena ex Stunner Rascal

Pembridge Selena

Pembridge Samarakand Alhelteke for sale

Pembridge Samarkand ex Atemekan out of Pembridge Selena

Shazam June 2008

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