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Pembridge Jamilia 2002 filly

sire Sire Atamekaan Akhel-teke dam pembridge jewels Pr CB

Pembridge Jamilia.jpg


Pembridge Jamilia & Pembridge Jessica.jpg 

Pembridge Jamilia CB/Akhelteke with Pembridge Jessica at foot (Sire Pembridge Vicon)

Atamekhan Maksad Shemal
Ajayip Vesir
Pembridge Jewels Tynedale St Julian Mulgrave
Tynedal Flowwer
Ramblers Empress Fisherman
April Love

Atamekaan Akhelteke

Pembridge Jewel.jpg





Pembridge Jewels Pr CB

Pembridge Jamilia Head.jpg

Jamilia at 3(above) at a day old on right

Pembridge Jamilia Day Old.jpg

Pembridge Jamilia was bred from a tough akhel-Teke stallion Atamekaan to a purebred CB mare from proven performance lines Having bred Pembridge Minstrel a half bred CB,it was the next step to breeding a tough sound potential **** star eventer.Pembridge Jamilia gallop.jpg The speed and toughness of the Akhel-teke combined with the jump and endurance of the CB. Jamilia 5 is being prepared to start her eventing career. She will be the first Akhelteke/CB cross recorded. Jamilia is growing up with grace at present, but she has paces and jump, with much to say! We are looking forward to the start of her competition career.

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