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Pembridge Samarkand

2002 filly



Sire Atamekan Dam Pembridge Selena


(Kan's story)

Samarkand was bred to introduce the endurance of the Akhelteke onto the TB for top level competition. The Akhelte's are renouned for their stamina and endurance and anyone who reads Kan's story will realise the potential of this young mare.Her Dam Pembridge Selena is a talented TB mare of substance and ability and as a hunter second to none.Pembridge Selena (foreground with Pembridge PrinceThe photograph is of Selena (foregound )with Pembridge Prince hunting with the golden Valley.Atemekan Akhelteke

Samarkand has inherited the looks and ability of her Sire, which coupled with the substance ability and kind nature of her Dam, makes heran exciting competition prospect Pembridge Selena her Dam is the daughter of Stunner Rascal TB, who was renowned for his jumping ability.

We are looking for the right competition home for Samarkand where her talents will be realised.

Samarkand has been backed and is now being quietly ridden on ready for a rider to take on.

http://www.akhaltekegb.co.uk/  http://www.gillsuttle.co.uk/

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