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  Pembridge Vital

Sire Shipley Diamond GSB Dam Pembridge Verity SHB(GR)

Pembridge Vital.jpg

Pembridge Vital



shipley Diamond

Irish Diamond

Paddy's Boy
Shipley Gazelle Runnymede
Shipley Stream
Pembridge Verity Vorock  TR Vasa
Tarantella CB/Hann Clutha Comet CB
Moreland Princess Hann
Pembridge Vital.jpg

Vital  has been gelded prior to his competition career.He embodies the Pembridge concept of selectively breeding tough sound competition horses to go out and event. His owner Sharon Brunt, has a career that involves much travelling and so due to her absence abroad Vital or Ches as he is affectionately known to all, has had a late start in eventing. He has proved a successful dressage and jumping horse .Ready for his owners return  he did his first two events, with Catherine Burrell, in 2004,being well placed in both.Vital due to circumstances did not resume his venting career until late 2007. His New Rider Toby Blake won the PN at Mount Ballan in October and so all looks set for 2008 regarding eventing. In the meantime hewill continue with the other disciplines.. Since then Vital has continued with his competition career including eventing.

His dam Pembridge Verity is also the dam of Pembridge Victor , Pembridge Veracity,  Pembridge Vaguely Hendre Pembridge Vicon and Pembridge Vitality Verity herself is out of Tarantella the top ranked BHD showjumping dam. Vorock, Verities Sire is a Russian Trakhener. Vorock is competing at Prix St George To combine this breeding on the dam side with Shipley Diamond has brought key TB bloodlines into the breeding programme.

Pembridge Victor eventing.jpg Victor,CB/TR/TB own brother to Vital is a successful competition horse that started his eventing career at the end of 2004.He changed careers onthe advice of Ewart Wooley and is now an Inernational FEI showjumper with Corinne Collins.

Pembridge Vicon half brother to Vital 

CB/TR first season Sire

 Pembridge Vicon.jpg






                                Shipley Diamond  TBSire of Vital and Victor

      Shiplet Diamond.jpg


                                                                                               Pembridge Verity with Pembridge Vitality 

Verity and Vitality.jpg  








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