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Stud Services

The stud will be offering full in house facilities when the new veterinary centre opens. The centre will have facilities for visiting stallions for frozen semen in compliance with ministry regulations for export. In addition to their current facilities for chilled and frozen semen. For details of the AI services available email kt@pembridgestud.com



Foaling Liveries

Mares are taked for foaling on a livery basis. There are experienced staff on site 24 hours a day, with a vet on call .

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A research facility will be available in the lab complex in the fields of genetics and DNA in conjunction with forensic work. For details of this service             jsc@pembridgestud.com

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The stud has gained planning permission for a new veterinary centre that will house the laboratories for AI and genetic research for details            jsc@pembridgestud.com

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Artificial Insemination

Facilities are available on site for visiting mares for insemination under veterinary supervision email 


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Horses taken for breaking on a livery plus time basis. Sympathetic methods are used by experienced horsemen to give the horse its best introduction to a ridden career enquiries to John Coleman jsc@pembridgestud.com

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Competition horses taken for production and sale when space permits to enquire re vacancies jsc@pembridgestud.com

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Horses are taken for professional schooling and preparation for a competition career, particularly eventers and showjumpers Discuss your requirements with John Coleman 07816483137 01646692555 email jsc@pembridgestud.com

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Show production is undertaken by experienced producers to National Standards to discuss the horses that we have produced contact Kate 01646692555 email kt@pembridgestud.com

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Horses taken at livery DIY full and part enquiries jsc@pembridgestud.com


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Showing schooling

Owners wishing to have training in production and arena craft to national level contact Kate 01646692555 to discuss your programme. Rates from £25 per individual session.

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Schooling of horse and rider

Private lessons are available for competition riders from £25 per hour. Also arrangements can be made for individual coaching and competiton support. Discuss your career and ambitions with John Coleman 07816483137 or email jsc@pembridgestud.com


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Competition Riders.

The stud specialises in finding horses for competition riders. In addition to their own homebred stock a lot of good horses bred via the stud are found riders through here. Sometimes good horses that we and clients do not want to sell are available for lease. Contact kt@pembridgestud.com  for details.

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Animal Ark

Would you like your pets cared for in your own home while you are at work ,

on holiday or unexpectedly called away?


We are able to provide a high standard of care and your animals remain

in the environment that they are familiar with.


We are experienced with domestic and farm animals and are professional horseman.


All feeding and exercising undertaken, We are knowledgeable, reliable and friendly


Please contact us to discuss your animal sitting needs and a full list of ourservices.





e-mail kt@pembridgestud.com





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