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Nomination Agreement.2012

terms and conditions.

Swabs All mares visiting the stud must have a veterinary certificate stating that the mare is free from infection (including CEM and Klebsiella)

EVA In line with current veterinary recommendations mares should be blood tested for EVA and show a negative result two weeks before arrival.

Farrier. Before arrival at stud mares should have their back shoes removed. If removed at the stud a charge will be incurred. Once at stud mares will be trimmed as necessary during their stay.

Worming Mares should be wormed prior to arrival at the stud and the date of worming provided. Mares and foals will then be wormed every four to six weeks until departure.

Vets Fees All Expenses incurred for visits, examinations or medicines will be payable to the veterinary surgeon.

Stud Fees. All stud and keep fees are payable prior to the mare leaving the stud, whether or not she has been tested in foal. However it is recommended that the mare is scanned at 21 days, not only to verify conception, but to check for twins, which can be dealt with at that stage.

Keep Fees. Mare at grass 3 per day, with foal at foot 4.Stabling is available at 49 per week including feed for a mare or 63 per week for a mare and foal including feeds. Mares taken for foaling additional  60 foaling fee, inicluding 24 hr supervision.

Mares and foals, while at the stud will receive every possible care, attention and supervision, but no responsibility can be taken accident loss or disease however caused. In the absence of the mare owner, whilst every reasonable effort will be taken to contact that owner, the stud reserves the right to call upon veterinary assistance when deemed necessary and ensuing fees will be charged to the owner in the case of accident or illness. All veterinary work to do with fertility or covering will be agreed with the owner in advance. All mares are served at their owners risk and no responsibility can be accepted while trying or serving a mare.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and I agree that I accept and abide by them in relation to my mare.

Name of mare                            Stallion                                        Agreed Stud Fee.


Signed                    date

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