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Pembridge for Performance 

Under Construction

some of the many quality pure bred CB's and competition horses that  have been bred at the stud in the last few years

Pembridge Swingtime.jpg

Pembridge Swingtime.1999 filly Sire Stunner Rascal Dam Welton Independent


 Pembridge Musician.jpg

Pembridge Musician 2001 gelding Sire Pembridge Minstrel FEI  PBCB Dam Welton Independent



Pembridge Jalisco.jpg






Pembridge Jalisco 1999 filly Sire Shipley Diamond TB Dam Pembridge Endeavour Int eventer


Pembridge Westwind.jpg

Pembridge Westwind 1999 colt Sire Pembridge Waldlord Dam LadyThis impressive colt has been sold to pursue a dressage career


Pembridge Sonata.jpg

Pembridge Sonata  2000 filly Sire Shipley Diamond Dam Pembridge Missy photo 2004 this quality black filly will be eventing in 2005



Pembridge Vitality.jpg





Pembridge Vitality 2004 filly Sire Pembridge Waldlord Hann Dam Pembridge Verity SHB Gr.


Vitality March 2005




pembridge jago 2001 partbred cb sire stunner rascal dam pembridge juniper

  photo at 2



borderman 2004 colt Sire Cholderton  Yobi Pr dam Tregoyd Vision Pr.


Pembridge Maestro.jpg

Pembridge Maestro 1999 colt at 2

Sire Shipley Diamond TB Dam Ebbw Selena (shire)



Pembridge Waldo.jpg

Pembridge Waldo 2003 coltSire Pembridge Waldlord

Dam Pembridge Missy


Pembridge Jasper.jpg

Pembridge Jasper1999 gelding Sire Pembridge Waldlord Hann  Dam Winter Ilex TB First Season eventer


Pembridge Wanda.jpg

Pembridge Wanda 2002 filly Sire Pembridge Waldlord   Dam Pembridge Missy


Pembridge Jamilia.jpg

Pembridge Jamilia 2002 filly

Sire Atemekhan (akhel-teke)

 Dam Pembridge Jewels Pr.CB



Pembridge Poser.jpg

Pembridge poser 2001 colt

Sire Shipley Diamond Dam Pembridge Clover


Pembridge Rocket.jpg

Pembridge Rocket 2000 colt Lic CBHS 

now owned by Panama Sport horses and Clair Whittaker

Competing BSJA 2005


Pembridge Vicon.jpg

pembridge Vicon  2002 colt Lic CBHS

Sire Pembridge Midshipman 

Dam Pembridge Verity



Pembridge Stunner jan 2006.jpg

Pembridge Stunner 2003 colt GSB

Sire Pembridge Samson Dam Winter Ilex


Pembridge Callista.jpg

pembridge callista 

2002 filly

photo as yearling

Sire Cholderton Yobi 

Dam MissCooper


Pembridge Trinity.jpg

pembridge trinity 2001 filly sire stunner rascal dam tina half sister to pembridge clover

Pembridge Zantia.jpg

Pembridge Zantia Sire Stunner Rascal Dam Zana PBWC 2001 filly winner at county shows in hand including first Pembrokeshire 2003


Pembridge Rascalita.jpg

Pembridge Rascalita GSB 2001 filly as a yearling

photo 2004 Sire stunner rascal Dam Winter Ilex


Pembridge Saraband.jpg

Pembridge Saraband Sire Pembridge Midshipman dam Pembridge Selina 2003 filly

Pembridge Ladun as yearling.jpg

Pembridge Ladun 2001 filly photo as yearling

Sire Waldlord Han Dam Lady own sister to Westwind.

Pembridge Symphoney.jpg

Pembridge Symphoney Sire Cholderton Yobi Dam Ramblers Seranade 1999 filly a prolific winner in hand at national level and now a successful purebred brood mare.

Tregoyd Dusky Morn.jpg

tregoyd dusky morn Sire pembridge midshipman

dam tregoyd grace

Pembridge Justinian day old .jpg

Pembridge Justinian Sire Cholderton Yobi Dam Pembridge Jewel 2004 pure bred cb

awaiting photos, this page is added to regularly please visit us again! These are but a few of the horses that we have bred in the last few years. Many of our early foals are now in their teens, like Pembridge Minstrel .visit this page to see the young ones that are coming up behind.

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Pembridge Solstice.jpg

Pembridge Solstice 2004 filly in foreground

Sire Shiplt Diamond TB Dam Pembridge Karina